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Our RESULTS speak for themselves! We helped Deby when she received an unexpected 3 year old 1099 along with a notice from the IRS stating that she owed thousands of dollars in back taxes, interest and penalties. While this was an overwhelming situation, Adam Gold CPA stepped in and was able to alleviate the situation by proving to the IRS the assumptions within their calculations were incorrect and effectively reduced the taxes owed to a fraction of the initial notice. Below is a note from Deby explaining the situation and how we addressed the issue:

We prepare 1040's, 1120's, and 1065's!
With constant challenges in an ever-changing tax landscape, how do you plan, and effectively commit resources, to minimize what may be one of the biggest line items on your income statement? How do you make the best decisions for yourself, for your business and for future generations?
Adam Gold, CPA’s tax services, will help you set the stage for a sound financial future. Completing your business and personal returns in a timely and strategic fashion, is a given, and we have proven to be a strategic tax planning partner for our clients. Here’s how:
• Experience: With my wide ranging experience, there is virtually no issue that cannot handled for our clients.
• Foresight: I am ahead of the curve on tax and financial developments and how they may impact you.
• Personalized Attention: I prepare every return and each client has the opportunity to discuss with me their comments or concerns regarding any service provided to them.
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